Join us for the Colombia World Cup game!



Wondering where the best place to watch the Colombia World Cup match in Miami is? Look no further—it’s at thedeck in Wynwood! I know this from firsthand experience. This past Sunday, on June 24th, over 3,000 fans took over thedeck to watch Poland vs Colombia, and boy, was it an amazing experience.

From giant TV screens playing the match around every corner, to an outdoor soccer turf and fun photo booth, fans of the Colombia soccer team were having the time of their lives cheering, dancing, and laughing.


Now, thedeck is expected to be even more fun on Thursday, June 28th, as Senegal takes on Colombia at 10 a.m. in one of the most anticipated matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Colombia fans, you WON’T want to miss this! Only at thedeck in Wynwood.


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